Pajama Day

Pajama day was lots of fun – kids love coming to school in pajamas.  For snack we had pancakes (Yum).  Here are a few pictures.

Spanish and Computers

Today we had Spanish with Miss Victoria and the children learned a new song – be sure to ask your child about it. In Technology with Miss Christa they made Me – Pages with their faces and favorite colors.

Week of October 2nd

What We Did This Week: We had Bear Day this week in Room 4. We made bear biscuits, our own butter, and bear hats too. Next week we are starting the letter “H” Announcements: Picture Day is this Wednesday, October 11th!

Week of September 11th

What We Did This Week This week we started working on the letter B. We finished our shape books and made a graph to see how many boys and girls our in our classroom. Announcements Family Night is Tuesday September 19th from 6:15-7:30. Pot Luck Dinner Sign-Up sheet is outside Room 4. Please bring your …

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